CSA – New for 2020

Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture is a symbiotic relationship between community members and local farmers, a relationship in which members of the community support their local farmers by committing to purchasing a share of weekly vegetables over the growing season.

This is a great way to secure some of your food during the Covid-19 crisis. Our farm has safe food handling practices in place and we will have a number of pick-up sites in the Halifax area for pick-up while practising social/physical distancing.

We offer a weekly share of our famous pre-washed salad mix and shoots, variety of vegetables and culinary herbs.

In addition, you will have the option to add a protein box which contains sustainably produced, non-GMO: eggs, ground beef or pork, fish and sometimes chicken and bacon and organic dried black/pinto beans, red/green lentils and chick peas.

Note: The protein box can only be ordered in addition to our vegetable box!




Running from May 1st till August 26th (16 weeks)


Vegetable Box ($25value/week) (sized 2 adults)

($6)          ½ lb salad mix (washed with care)

($4)         2.3 oz shoots (sunflower shoots, pea shoots or shoot mix – all washed with care)

($4)          2 seasonal herbs

($11.25)   3 units of vegetables (depending on seasonal availability you can expect the following: arugula, beans, beets, beet greens, carrots, chard, cucumbers, dandelion, fennel, fiddleheads, garlic, garlic scapes, kale, nettles, green onions, peas, potatoes, radicchio, fresh radish, storage radish, rhubarb, spinach, cherry tomatoes, regular and heirloom tomatoes, turnips, zucchini).

All vegetables are certified organic and will mostly come from our own farm. In addition we work with Natures Route Farm in Pointe du Bûte, NB and with Maple Shade Farm in Noel, NS.


Protein Box (add-on) ($25 value/week) (sized for 2 adults)

($5.5)  1 dozen eggs each week (Happy Bird Eggs-Upper Kennetcook)


a rotating combination of the following, so you won’t get the same thing every week:

($6.5)  1 lb ground beef (Longspell Point Farm-Kingsport)

($8.5)  1 lb ground pork (Sweet Earth Farm-Earltown)

($9.5)  1 lb white fish (Hooked Halifax-sourced from small boats around NS/line caught)

($9.5)  1 lb bacon or chicken or other (Sweet Earth Farm/other NS sustainable farms)

($5) Organic dried red/green lentils, chickpeas or black/pinto beans (Speerville Flour Mill-Speerville NB)

All proteins are sourced from sustainable producers in Nova Scotia. None of them use GMO grain as feed for their animals and all provide the animals access to outdoors.

Note: There may be some variation from the protein list depending on availability. That said, over two consecutive weeks you will receive $50 worth of protein.

We require a commitment for all 16 weeks as we have to plan our crops accordingly. You can order multiple vegetable boxes and protein boxes if you have a higher demand.


Start date: May 6th

End date: August 26th

Pick up on Wednesdays

We will negotiate in early summer if we continue our CSA program for the fall.


Vegetable Box $25/week

Protein Box $25/week (only available as an addition to a vegetable box!)

We ask you to pay for the first 2 months in advance by May 1st. The second payment will be due on July 1st.

Payments can be made by cheque or e-transfer (more details when you sign up)


Pick up details:
You are in charge of picking up your weekly share at our designated pick up spots. We will be on site with our van, and will also offer more of our produce as it becomes available to purchase in addition to your share. Each pick-up will have a number extra items for sale on board from eggs, to vegetables and meat.

Note: social distancing practices will be followed and handling will only be done by the Four Seasons employee who will be following safety protocols.

The actual pick up sites yet have to be determined. Possible locations are Dartmouth, Bedford, Clayton Park, North End Halifax and Quinpool neighbourhood. Please indicate up to 3 areas what would work for you for pickup.

Note: times for drop offs will be afternoon into the evening; exact times yet to be determined.


Sign up:
Contact us at order4seasons@gmail.com and let us know which option you would like.

If you want, you can also call 1-902-261-2345 but sign up is only through email. Thank you!

Boxes that don’t get picked up will be donated to a local food bank.

Once you decide to participate, we will ask you to sign an agreement which will outline all the details for our CSA.

We appreciate your support!