Below is a list of veggies able to be purchased from us. We collaborate with other certified organic growers to provide you with a wide range of vegetables available across multiple seasons.

The symbols indicate the seasons in which they are available. (SP-spring, SU-summer, FA-fall, WI-winter) 

Beans | 
Fresh yellow and green beans.

Beets |
Golden beets (bright yellow), chiogga (pink and white striped), white (the sweetest of them all), regular (your standard purple beet), long (same as regular, but a convenient shape for even slices).

Carrots |
Bunched orange carrots (SU,FA), bulk orange carrots (FA,WI, SP), and coloured carrots (a mix of orange, white, red, purple and yellow carrots)
(FA, WI, SP)

Chard | 
Rainbow chard bunches.

Daikon | 
White or pink.

Fennel |
Juicy bulbs. 

Garlic |
Especially tasty, nothing compared to store bought. Organic garlic is the real deal.
(SU, FA,WI) 

Kale |
Green curly, red curly, red or white Russian and dino type kale.

Onions |
Red or yellow.

Parsnips | 
Sweet roots 

Patty Pans |
Delicate type of summer squash, bright yellow with green. 

Potatoes |
Red skin with white flesh or yellow.

Radiccio |
Pink/purple and white with a healthy bitter taste.

Radish | 
Black (black skin and white flesh) and watermelon (white interior with purple sprinkles), green (green flesh). 

Shallots |
Delicate oniony garlicy bulbs.

Sugarsnap Peas |
Delicious pods of sweet peas.
(SP, SU,FA) 

Cherry Tomatoes | 
A mix of red, yellow, orange, white and black cherry tomatoes in a mix.
(SU, FA)

Heirloom Tomatoes |
A mix of fancy old varieties that are unbeatable in taste and presentation. 

Turnips |
White salad turnips, good for fresh eating or any type of cooking method.

Wintersquash |
Butternut and Delicata.

Zucchini | 
Green or yellow.
(SU, FA)