Past Intern Experiences

Here are some quotes out of our guest book:

Thank you for answering the twenty million questions I had and always will have about pretty much everything. – Bernard, Canada, 2014

One of the things I valued the most here is this sense of community, living and working together with so many others, having many interesting conversations about a broad variety of topics. – Mira, Canada, 2014

I learned so much about farming and I hope I can use it at home. But it wasn’t only the farming I enjoyed so much. It was the atmosphere and all the awesome people. – Lukas, Germany, 2014

I feel very prepared to move forward in my farming career thanks to the wonderful instruction I received from Owen and Sina. I now know so so so much more about many different plants. – Corben, USA, 2014

Here we are living a life that makes sens, even if we are just fixing the fence, but besides weeding, cutting and hoeing I have seen a lot of personalities growing. – Sesa, Germany, 2014

It was so great to get a chance to try cooking new food and to use the awesome pantry! – Terri, Canada, 2014

Thank you all for showing me how happy it could be to work in a farm and to learn about growing food. – Yi Ning, Taiwan, 2014

Your farm is beautiful. The deep red soil that sticks to my boots…the orderly patchworks of lettuce and greens…the way the greenhouses diffuses light in the morning – all these I have appreciated daily and will carry with me as memories. – Molly, Canada, 2013

Sina and Owen I admire your commitment to making the farm run daily and working tireless to realising the potential you guys see in this place. – Robin, Canada, 2013

I continue to be impressed with the ingenuity, simple solutions, efficient systems, methodical work method, camaraderie, flavor, heart and soul poured into the food. – Liang, Canada, 2013

I also found a love of vegetables which sadly I have never experienced before. But because of this, I am about to start a whole other food adventure in my life. – Savannah, USA, 2013

Thank you Sina, the best crew boss I’ve ever had the pleasure to work for. Thank you Owen for your grounded and decisive self, and also imaginative and visionary qualities. Thank you Nancy for all the details, and the observations that teach me about perspective among other things! – Colleen, Canada, 2013

Besides learning so many practical skills I realized the importance of good food, good attitudes, the power of community, the importance of sustainability (even in relationships) – Laura, Hungary, 2013

I’ll admit, when I first arrived here in May I was a little bit overwhelmed. I thought to myself “what kind of a hippie cult have I gotten myself into”. Boy was I wrong…you are some of the most open-minded, hard-working, passionate and accepting people that I have ever met. – Ben, Canada, 2013

Thank you for this great opportunity. The past three month have been the best experience of my life. I have learned lots and now I can take this knowledge with me and grow the best dam food EVER! – Cory, Canada, 2012

I am leaving here incredibly inspired and grateful for this experience. – Andrea, Canada, 2012

Amazing and Delicious! – Patrick and Rene, Germany, 2012

This place is Awesome – totally Awesome! – Myrthe, Netherlands, 2012

I have grown in ways that I never thought I would. I have been tried and tested here, and come out proving to myself how strong and valuable I really am. It only took 24 years to learn – thanks for the therapy. – Alexa, USA, 2012

A Zen teacher once told this story about how all we are is droplets of water falling in mid air over a waterfall. For a moment we appear separate, but we came from the same river and will return to it in the blink of an eye. This farm and the people here aren’t separate, and we are all connected intimately as everything is…see you at the bottom of the waterfall. – Alex, Canada, 2012

Beyond my ability as a farmer, I’ve grown and changed in unexpected ways this summer. Living here has been a truly unique experience, and it’s obvious to me that it’s all of you who made it as rich and deep and special as it has been. – Carson, USA, 2012

I had a wonderful time at this farm. It was a great experience for me…I learnt a lot about organic farming and the way you bring up the crops without any pesticides or chemicals. I love it! Awesome job! – Shawn, Jamaica, 2012