There are a number of ways to get involved with us on the farm.


Every year we give 2 interns the opportunity to join us through the season and learn basic skills and more on our farm. Not only is it a great help to the farm but the practical skills and knowledge gained from a full internship here are truly enormous. Interns are invited to join us from March until November, with potential for longer stays.


Volunteers are always welcome here depending on availability of sleeping arrangements, and the need for extra hands. We prefer that you commit to staying at least two weeks as it takes a significant amount of energy to teach someone what and how we do things here. We welcome you from the beginning of the season in March to the end in November.


For the 2018 season we are looking for 2 experienced farm workers. A minimum of two full seasons of experience on a farm (one of them being an organic farm) is required. Work on the farm will include field and greenhouse work. We are looking for someone to join us from March till the end of November.

Feel free to share our web address with any friends who may be interested in work-to-learn arrangements on organic farms.

A warm welcome to those who enjoy hard work, tasty food, good conversation, music, and living with a diverse group of people.