Interns are invited to join us from March until November


  • A strong interest in local, sustainable food
  • Previous work experience/education in agriculture is preferred but not required
  • Positive and inquisitive
  • Energetic, hard-working and highly motivated
  • Desire to work and live in a cooperative setting

Work/Learn Description

  • Over the course of the season interns will develop the skills to grow from ‘seed to plate’. Some of the tasks and themes include: seeding and transplanting, soil health and fertility, cover cropping, irrigation, trellising and pruning, weed, pest and disease management, intercropping, succession planting, managing and improving high tunnels, post-harvest handling, direct farm marketing, delivering to clients and selling at a farmers’ market, cooking and preserving food, poultry care, implementing some permacultural principles, compost making, breaking and working fallow ground, fixing and maintaining small machinery, and general farm maintenance
  • Some building projects are also planned for this year include: finishing the processing building, building a new glorified mudroom, painting the house, hooking up a well, building a small cabin and dozens of other projects in mind. And there is always upgrading & maintaining the greenhouses.
  • Learning and working take place in both individual and group settings; there is individual instruction, group demonstrations, and working with one another to pass along skills
  • Detailed instructions are given to develop the skills necessary to perform tasks on the farm
  • There is an extensive farm library for everyone to use
  • Special workdays and celebrations with friends and community several times a year for a change of pace

Schedule & Responsibilities:

  • The regular work schedule is full days of work on weekdays running from 7am – 5pm, with a 30-minute morning break/aka second breakfast, and a 1 ¼-hour lunch break
  • Interns are in charge of watering the farm crops on a rotating basis. This includes the weekends and is usually once a month or less
  • Helping with deliveries
  • Selling our produce at the farmers market in Halifax on Saturdays, usually once a month or less


  • Housing can be provided in the beautiful family farm house for a fee. Interns will have their own rooms.
  • Access to Canada-wide long-distance phone calls and wireless internet
  • Laundry facilities available
  • Detergent, soap, sunscreen and some over the counter medication provided
  • Regular opportunities to cook almost anything with fresh and local ingredients
  • Interns are also expected to take part in managing an orderly household, clean the house weekly, do household chores and take turns cooking for everyone

Farm conduct:

  • There is a reasonable list of household guidelines which outline rules of respect and procedure followed in the house and on the farm
  • Safety is first and foremost; taking care of potential dangers and being mindful as we work.
  • No drugs allowed, responsible drinking practiced


$11/ hr

Additional Benefits:

  • A space in our farm garden of your own to grow what you want
  • An opportunity to explore this beautiful region of Nova Scotia on the Bay of Fundy ie. several bikes available, mud-sliding, swimming, sports, hiking and foraging are all things that are commonly done here
  • The chance to meet others locally and from around the world who are involved in the farm and food revival movement
  • Campfires, playing music and socializing are common activities enjoyed on the farm (sing it!)

To Apply

The 2018 season will run from March until November.

There is no deadline to apply but applications are accepted on a rolling basis

  • Only full season interns are accepted
  • International applicants will be expected to research information regarding visa and travel restrictions. Please keep in mind that we expect applicants to have a basic knowledge to communicate in english
  • Please email us a request for a questionnaire. It can be sent together with your resume and 2-3 references to: . Follow up communication and an interview will be done by phone or skype with Nancy Roberts.
  • Please note: the initial two weeks of an intern’s stay is a probationary period where both the farm management and intern will assess whether they are happy with each other


A warm welcome to those who enjoy hard work, tasty food, good conversation, music, and living with a diverse group of people. We sincerely look forward to working hard and having a great time together!

From Maitland

Owen & Sina