Below is a wide variety of tasty herbs able to be purchased from us.

The symbols indicate the seasons in which they are available. (SP-spring, SU-summer, FA-fall, WI-winter).

Basil |
Pesto grade or beautiful tops.

Chives |
Dark green spears of packed onion flavour.

Cilantro |
Cut and washed leaves or bunches with roots.

Dill |
Fragile, flavour packed fronds.

Lemon Balm |
Sweet, lemony leaves.

Mint | 
Chocolate mint or spearmint.

Oregano | 
Essential Italian cooking herb.

Parsley |
Curly or flat leafed. Washed leaves or bunches. 

Rosemary |
Full of essential oils and incredibly fragrant. 

Sage | 
Broad leaves, skinny leaves or variegated leaves.

Sorrel | 
Washed, lemony tangy.

Tarragon |
Licorishy and fragrant.

Thyme | 
Fragrant and full of essential oils.