Edible Flowers

Below is a list of edible flowers able to be purchased from us. Perfect for adding a pop of colour to any dish or cocktail.

Seasons in which they are available are indicated.

Little blue flowers with a hint of cucumber.
(summer + fall)

Perfect for flower confetti. Just sprinkle the yellow, orange or red petals over your dish.
(summer + fall)

Chive flowers
Purple globes on chive stalk. Great to sprinkle over dishes for an extra oniony note.

Dill flowers
Perfect for pickles.
(summer + fall)

Johnny Jump Ups
Purple, yellow and white violas.
(spring+ summer + fall)

Yellow, orange or red flowers with a sweet and peppery hint.
(spring + summer + fall)

Rosemary flowers
Fragrant, light purple flowers that taste like a sweet hint of rosemary.

Sage flowers
Blue to purplish flowers with the faint taste of sweet sage.

Thyme flowers
Tiny, white and purple flowers that compliment any dish or cocktail.
(spring + summer )


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