About Us

Four Seasons Farm is a place where many opportunities await both the aspiring farmer and the curious person looking to understand food. While the farm is a commercial business, the resources to learn about farming are many; there is a library of periodicals and books, a small plot of land to play with, experienced farmers to answer questions, and a successful, well established farm to experience. Owners Sina and Owen strive to accommodate and challenge interns so that when they finish the season feel fulfilled and ready to continue their journeys. Those who bring questions, motivation and a sense of humor find the best fit here. Also, previous experience is valued but passion and hard work trump all else. A commitment to a whole season is expected, benefiting the farm and the intern most. Interns who have these qualities enable the farm to move forward in producing healthy organic food, sharing ideas of permaculture and sustainable agriculture, and enriching the farm and the community that surrounds it (Maitland!).

Located in rural Nova Scotia, 25 min west of Truro, and 1 hour north of Halifax, Four Seasons is a unique and well-established medium sized farming operation beginning its 25th year as an organic farm. Family owned and operated since 1992, the farm went through a transition of ownership from one generation to the next in 2012. Mixed greens play an important role at the farm, while the rest of the focus is put toward shoot mix, herbs and market vegetables, particularly garlic, cherry and heirloom tomatoes, carrots and beets.

There are ten greenhouses that are used for season extension, which allow growing to start in February and finish harvesting in December. A processing building houses a walk-in cooler and allows us to process more effectively and out of the elements. The farm currently cultivates 6 acres on owned and leased land. Slowly, the farm is incorporating fruit trees and chickens for eggs into the system to create a more sustainable, permaculturally inspired approach to organic farming.

The farm is a place to learn about food in its many aspects, especially growing it but also cooking and eating it. Experience farming as both as a lifestyle and a livelihood alongside seasoned farmers who want to teach what they know and learn what they don’t. We offer each intern a small plot of land where they can experiment with crops and have their own garden to grow what they want. Inside, everyone is encouraged to read from the constantly expanding comprehensive farm library.

2nd year interns who are invited back can have a new arrangement with access to land and tools to start their own initiative and a potential employment on the farm.

The farm family includes friends Sina and Owen as owners, Moira (Owen’s wife), and their daughter. The former owners Nancy and David Roberts play a part, two full time people, local part-time helpers, two interns, friends & volunteers and a few others in between. Oh yeah, and Hali our dog and Rocky & Red the cats.