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Farm Update Spring 2020

Our transplant sale has started! Find a list of what’s available and when here Market Transplants 2020

We only sell them every Saturday morning (8.30am – 2 pm) at the parking lot across from the Historic Brewery Market. We don’t take pre orders but it would be helpful if you come with a list of plants you want. 

In these insecure times, we want to make sure your fresh produce supply is secured!

You might wonder now, how you can get our produce and our organic transplants.

Here a little list of the options:

1. Participate in our CSA (must sign up in advance!)

Every Wednesday, we come into the HRM and set up our van in 3 locations.

Clayton Park – 10:30-11:30am
Cenntenial Arena parking lot
27 Vimy Ave

Halifax-North End – 12:30-1:30pm
Mayflower Curling Club parking lot
3000 Monaghan Dr.

Dartmouth – 4-5pm
Findlay Community Centre parking lot
26 Elliot St.

Besides the CSA shares, we will also have extra produce on board that can be purchased.

Our CSA is full for now, but as the season progresses we might expand, so please keep checking in if you are interested. Information about the CSA can be found here. Our current CSA is ending in august’ but we likely will also offer a fall CSA starting in September.

2. Come by the “market” every Saturday

As the Brewery Market is currently closed, we decided to set up our van in the parking lot across from the Brewery Market. This includes our big transplant sale, every Saturday from 10am – 2 pm. This is the only location where we will sell our transplants! Here is a list of all the plants we will have for sale this year (Market Transplants 2020). Please decide before your arrival which plants you might want, then come to our stand and we will gather the plants for you from a safe distance.

3. Stores

We deliver to a few stores in Halifax. Please get in contact with them, if you would like to get our produce through them.

Neighborhood Good Market ( this is the new store that the Brewery Market set up. All vendors from the market have their products available in here. It’s open Tuesday- Saturday 10am-2pm)


Hydrostone Storehouse (Getaway Farms)

Local Source

Organic Earth


Thank you for your support!


Four Seasons Farm is a mixed vegetable farm focusing on salad mix, shoots, herbs and a wide variety of other vegetables. Starting out as a family farm in 1992, the business was transferred to the current owners Owen and Sina in 2012. Certified organic since its beginning, we continue those practices and believe in the value of certification and growing organically.

We sell to restaurants, hotels and stores in Halifax and Dartmouth. Every Saturday (from may till December) we are also at the Historic Brewery Farmers Market in Halifax selling our produce in this beautiful setting.

In the future we want to diversify more and expand our production into the winter months. Not only root vegetables, but also fresh produce is on our mind, and we are making changes to our production to fill the gap of winter shortages in our area.

Thank you for checking us out.

Support local and enjoy real, delicious food!