Welcome to Four Seasons Farm

Four Seasons is a Nova Scotian family farm since 1992 specializing in growing certified organic vegetables and culinary herbs. The farm is currently cultivating over 6 acres in field crops with space to expand. Greenhouses also play an important role on the farm to extend the growing season. All of our products are available seasonally to restaurants and hotels in the Halifax area as well as at the Historic Farmers Market in Halifax.

While growing herbs and vegetables is our first priority, educating and training young people is also very important to us. Each year we offer internships for people from around the world to teach sustainable agriculture with a hands-on approach. There are also opportunities to join us as a volunteer or in a paid position.

Future endeavours rely on further diversification of the farm and steps are being taken to make this a reality. A truly sustainable farm is one that does not require further inputs and resources from far away; permacultural and true organic approaches are influencing how this will be accomplished.

Thanks for checking us out…

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