Transplant Sale

Our transplant sale has started. Find your veggie and herb plants every Saturday from 8am-1pm at the Halifax Brewery Market. You can download a list of what we offer here


One full time postion is open for the 2022 season. Check out our Employment page here to get more information.

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

Wanna get fresh organic veggies and more once a week? Sign up for our CSA program here.

Our weekly shares include delicious, nutritious vegetables, herbs and of course salad mix.

What’s a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture programs, or CSAs, sometimes called food boxes or farm shares, were designed in the 1980s to connect people to their food supply, thereby creating a community where people cared about a farm that in turn cared for them. The idea was, the community shares in both the bounty and risks of a farming season.

CSAs offer many benefits. For farmers, the upfront payment for weekly “shares” of farm produce provides stable income at a time of year most needed: springtime, before anything is harvested or sold). Plus, direct contact with a community that appreciates one’s work is nourishing for the soul.

CSAs also provide a community with food of the highest possible nutritional value (“still breathing,” Owen often says of our veggies) and lowest possible carbon footprint, free of pesticides. The sustainable financial model preserves farm land for future generations. And the connection between people’s well-being and sustainable models of agriculture is personal and direct, strengthening the demand for local food systems.

And here some testimonials from costumers who enjoyed a share last season:

We’ve tried a number of CSAs over the years, and this is definitely our favourite. The selection is always robust and varied, and the produce is reliably fantastic — it’s an excellent value. And especially these days, when going to the grocery store or the market is more stressful than it was in the beforetimes, it’s been such a relief to know that we can rely on picking up a fridge full of delicious produce every week in a safe and well-thought-out process that is easy, fast, and super cheerful. We’re so glad they decided to do a fall CSA, we signed up right away!
—Anna Weinstein

Thank you so much for my beautiful veggies that I have loved receiving every week in my CSA! It has been such a great way to avoid the grocery store, too much plastic, and enjoy local, organic and affordable produce.
—Emma Paynter

The Four Seasons CSA has exceeded all my expectations. … All their produce is beautifully clean and curated and ready-to-eat. The carrots are spotless. The herbs are meticulously bunched in just-enough-for-a-meal portions. And the weekly bagged sprouts and salad mix are like a miracle in a bag.
—Katherine Kitching

About us

Four Seasons Farm is a mixed vegetable farm focusing on salad mix, herbs and a wide variety of other vegetables. Starting out as a family farm in 1992, the business was transferred to the current owners Owen and Sina in 2012. Certified organic since its beginning, we continue those practices and believe in the value of certification and growing organically.

We sell to restaurants, hotels and stores in Halifax and Dartmouth. Every Saturday (from may till December) we are also at the Historic Brewery Farmers Market in Halifax selling our produce in this beautiful setting.

In the future we want to diversify more and expand our production into the winter months. Not only root vegetables, but also fresh produce is on our mind, and we are making changes to our production to fill the gap of winter shortages in our area.

Thank you for checking us out!

Support local and enjoy real, delicious food!